How to Apply

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How to Apply tutorial and review on lash style "So Bold" from the Signature Mink Collection




Follow these 3 simple steps on applying your eyelash strips
Step 1: Measuring and necessary trim

For the perfect fit, align the eyelash band directly on top of your natural lash line. Make sure to go across your entire natural lash line with the eyelash strip band for complete coverage. Once the strip band is across your entire natural eyelash line, then use scissors to trim of any extra lash band length.  

Step 2: Apply Adhesive

Apply a thin strip of eyelash adhesive directly on the eyelash strip band and allow 30 sec for the adhesive to become slightly tacky.

Step 3: Apply your eyelash strips

Apply strip to the base of your natural eyelash line, then gently press the lash band onto your natural line.